Things men miss when Approaching Lady

The following are the mistakes many men make when leading.

Be impatient.

Most men have been very quick when we want to avoid the situation that makes a woman difficult for you. an example has met a beautiful sister greeted you there asking for her number. Uncle even gives you to know you will find it very difficult to find him because he will think too much about your urgency.

To show a real life.

many men we have been promoting or expressing ourselves in different situations. Unaaproach try to be real. you can’t tell a sister you work in a bank when it’s not true.

Not reading a woman’s Mood.

when you rapproach a woman you must read her mood coz sometime you may be teased coz you have not read a woman.

Crush the woman you used to be with.

When a woman asks you why you are single, you start crushing your ex with scandalous words as this can scare the psychopath out of her.


You seduce a woman as you complain about sex oooh when I have never been loved.

So in order to always find the woman you love, make sure you avoid these things if you really want to want a woman