Special advice to men about women to stimulates romantic relationships

1. A woman is not a straight ruler that she is not wrong, but when she misses her punishment is not a fist but a reminder.

2. Don’t grieve your wife does not like or smell the fact that you have not bought clothes or perfumes, you are to blame.

3. Don’t hide your wife’s weaknesses with your family and friends. It will repeat you. You are your wife’s protector, and she is your protector.

4. Do not interrupt your wife to hold your cellphone after calling out to you before she sees the caller, what you take into account when your marriage becomes disturbed.

5. Don’t be afraid to be ridiculed for helping your wife with domestic chores, the wife is not a slave unless it is a help to you.

6. Don’t like to praise other women in front of her, you don’t know their real life. If you break his status, his love for you will subside.

7. Don’t scold your wife for not being able to cook your favorite foods, since there was no cooking college cooked according to what is available, the best is to teach her.

8. Don’t give anyone else the opportunity to serve your wife, people can do other things, but your wife’s services are your own responsibility.

9. No woman will put up with a weak man in bed, use your body well.

10. Peracetamol and dicloper should not be the cure for every illness that your wife suffers; your treatment is yours to avoid.

11. Don’t let your friends get too close to your wife.

12. Do not compare your wife with those foreign women who do not know your worth, if you continue with it the love within will diminish.

13. Honor your wife even if you are the head of the family as respect is the foundation of your marriage.

14. Don’t be the stereotypical husband, being honest is your wife’s best bet.

15. Don’t publicly criticize your spouse when he or she is wrong, no one accepts public criticism, the result is always negative.
16. Good hospitality, combined with touching your body, removes the stains in your soul.

17. The word “I love you” should always tell your wife because the woman is happy to be told that word.

18. Love to involve your wife in development plans, woman is a good mentor.

19. Children are the outsiders of all the information that is in you, so part of the criticism is the bedroom and not the children.

20. Don’t blame your wife for finding her out of hygiene, sms would also be enough to let her know that you are coming to prepare.

21. Parents, you must be kind to them but never forget how much you forget your duty to your wife, your integrity is what will make these two live in love.

22. Don’t forget that a wife needs someone to focus on and listen to her well, so when you talk to her don’t be a police commander, calm communication is the key to a happy home.

23. If your thoughts do not accomplish anything more than you think, do not ignore Bali and work as a team.

24. Tabernacles and tribunals are not based on marriage, stay with your wife, woman likes to see her partner regularly.

25. Make suprise your wife even with chocolate, that will arouse her feelings and feel you care.

26. Do not deal with men who have negative and negative views about marriage, since human marital abusers are normal human beings, the protection of your marriage is your responsibility.

27. To marry your wife I did not break their brotherhood when he had no permission to take care of his brothers.

28. Age or intermarriage should not be an impediment to your household influence.

29. Never limit the level of service to your family in any case. Make your service full of creative content.

30. You are the one to go to be consulted before the Creator, the management of family worship is your responsibility.