Proverbs 14: 1 “Every wise woman buildeth her house; But the foolish breaketh forth with his own hands.
There is a proverb that says “GREAT REVIEW”, it is common for couples to look at and blame each other for problems that arise, rather than focusing on the source of the problems. Many marital problems stem from a couple’s lack of marital education and not following the advice of the Originator of marriage. Some Traits of a Wise Woman – Also Read Proverbs 31: 10-31.

1. She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the law of kindness is on her tongue (31:26). Many women do not know how to use the tongue properly – Severity, short cuts, insults, stubbornness etc. to them they are ordinary things. Many are ruled by HUMAN and HIV, seeing her husband laughing and the woman is a criminal, a woman is happy and even unable to talk, the weather is changing and even the cats at home realize that the situation is wrong.
2. Works with the Heart and Wake up early and early
There are women who are too lazy, it comes time even to bed she sends House Girl, men are very easy to be drawn to and serves closely, House girl preparing food, bed time, bath water, times to kick in the closet etc. It is not too late for a man to pay a bounty for the kindness he is doing.

3. She is clean and knows how to make clothes that fit her family
There are women who are dirty – don’t be surprised to find pots in closets, the bedroom is a stool of dirty diapers and dirty clothes, some bathing is a luxury. The woman is WATER, the woman must be clean all the time. All men love Hygiene, even the brand does not miss, Woman make sure “Reception” is Clean and in a position to make Husband feel relaxed and comfortable.

4. Take care of your husband’s needs
Solomon says the good woman “His lamp is not quenched at night”, there are lazy women for this matter, and there are those who are willing to pay revenge for depriving their husbands of service, you will find all week when the mother goes to bed wearing “KOMBATI” you will think of a soldier going to war. Men are similar to Goats who do not cut the cord very quickly when they have no leaves when they are tied up. Make all the mistakes, but don’t make a fool of breaking up the husband by denying him the Marriage Service, that is a criminal offense. Make sure the services are upgraded, punctual so that the project does not conflict with God’s requirements.

5. A woman should know how to cook a tasty meal, which the family will enjoy.
Most women nowadays do not know how to cook, which is why you will find many men end up eating at the hotel or at my mother’s house, if you came from the mainland so don’t be shy to learn from the coastal people how to join the NOW for food. Women are responsible for learning Recipes, Spinach alone can have more than 10 recipes, men love the delicious “Test” food, make the husband remember the home food.

6.Trust your Husband, jealousy and bad feelings are the enemy of your marriage. Do not confide in your marital relationship with your relatives. Always pray for God to give you wisdom to speak when a problem arises, Pray for your husband