Simple ways to make a woman give you her phone number

There is nothing as simple in managing a woman as taking her phone number. You could talk for half an hour with her and then she asked for her phone number and she gave you.

But many men have a problem with fear of whipping a woman out of their numbers. You will often find men asking their friends for their women’s numbers. This is a huge mistake as your chances of believing a woman like this are limited.

If you ask for a woman’s phone number through your friends, you will have many questions to answer as women do not like to give their phone number and you will often get questions such as, “Where did you get my number?”

To avoid such challenges, Here are some simple techniques to use to get a phone number from a woman.

Give her all the time to talk.
Make sure you keep a close eye on him whenever he is talking and concentrate on listening to whatever he has to say. Take all of his words and put your feelings into perspective. The important thing required here is to make sure that you give him a chance to say whatever he wants, otherwise he will find that your base and he is worthless or useless. If she is a woman who does not like to talk too much then her thoughts and gestures she does as well as the movements of her eyes.

Listen carefully.
Make sure you concentrate every time you speak, and pick up some of the words he speaks so that you can extend them later in your conversation. More focus will help because it will provide an opportunity to bring interesting and interesting conversations that will please the woman. Be aware that when a woman is talking or giving away her stool, it is obvious that at one time or another she may have some similarities with related events so it is best to focus on developing a co-op. This will help you to make the woman love and trust you. He will love you easily without even having to sweat.

Ask her for her number.
If you do not want to take any further action, then you need to ask for his number finally. This will automatically come when you have completed and completed the first and second steps without worry. This cannot be a problem since you are already building a foundation that makes a woman love you.
If you fail you will use what simple skills to apply for his number then do this. In the first and second stages of this trick, you will already know a lot about this woman so you can bring up one issue that she never mentioned during the day. For example if she never mentioned she wants to walk then tell her “I think we should one day walk together”. Sometimes a woman may initiate a question like this one first, so if she agrees you ask her for her fixed number. He cannot deny you.

So if you really want to know how to get a number from a woman, let alone the gossip and worrying tactics your friends use that are often unsuccessful. Also forget all the tricks you see in the movies. Apart from being a woman who can love you, you must build a foundation that will make any woman feel comfortable with you – something most men are wrong to do.