Read this story and you will learn something and cross it another step though it hurts

“When I got home that night, my wife

when she prepared a meal for me, I held her hand

tell him, There is something I want to tell you. My wife

he sat down and ate some food while he was ready

to listen to me. Again I realized her eyes were showing

he is hurt. I couldn’t even begin

to open my mouth. But I had to tell him to

let me know what I was thinking about it.

I want to divorce you. I began to speak calmly.

He seemed to disagree with my words instead

he asked me in a gentle voice ‘why?’ I didn’t answer the question

lake. Not responding made him angry. He threw a spoon and

scolded me, ‘You’re not a man!’ That night,

there was no conversation between us. He was crying for

to the one. I knew he wanted to know what it was

it has happened in our marriage. But for sure

I could not give him an answer nor a satisfactory reason;

he seemed to be nothing to me and my boyfriend moved

to Mary. I didn’t love my wife any more

it was to Mary. I really despised my wife!

With my heart clearly aware that I’m making a mistake,

i wrote a divorce that showed that he (wife

my) he would get our house, car and he would own the stock

30% of our company. He looked at the divorce and found it

to pieces.

The woman with whom I have lived for 10 years appeared

a stranger in my eyes. I felt sorry for her

the time, resources and energy he lost but I couldn’t

go back because Mary captured my heart

equally. Finally my wife wept loudly

in front of me, something I certainly expected.

To me his cry gave me relief.

The thought of leaving my wife frustrated me with

weeks and now it has continued to improve and become

the most certain thing.

The next day I came home very late

I found my wife writing something on the table.

I didn’t even want to eat the food she cooked for me

straight into the bedroom and sleep took me over

one because I was tired after eating

the pleasures of dying a man with Mary

The night I was awoken from sleep my wife was still there

writing. I didn’t mind at all, I covered myself well

to sleep again. The next morning he gave me the conditions

her divorce: she didn’t want anything from me

but he needed at least one month to

prepare before she leaves. He asked that in

that one month period for both me and him

strive to live a life of love or normalcy for

as much as possible. His reason was small

but importantly: our son was approaching

do a test in the following month for that

did not want the child to be affected psychologically because of

our abandonment. This was not a problem for me, I agreed

his plan. But he had an extra requirement,

he asked me to remember how I had prayed for days to follow

especially our wedding day. She begged me and begged me

that in that one month’s time I should be

carried from our bed to the door of

occur every morning. I thought he was going to be crazy.

To make our last days free from conflict

I agreed with his wonderful terms.

I told Mary about the terms of the divorce

my wife. Mary laughed a lot, she found it ridiculous. “Even

using the cleverness of what divorce is supposed to be ‘,

said Mary again in contempt. Me and my wife

we haven’t been in touch since I explained the mission to

to the publisher. So I prayed for the first time

we all hugged each other. Our son was very happy with the casting

applause behind us, ‘aah dad kittens mother

in his hands’. Her words really blew me away

one by one. From our room to the living room,

and then again to the door, it’s over ten meters

I carry my wife. He closed his eyes and said

in a soft and gentle voice; don’t tell our son about

of divorce. I agreed with the title, though I did feel it

badly. I laid her down outside the house.

He went to the toilet to wait for the bus for his job with me

I drove to my office. The next day,

the exercise was easy for all of us. He leaned against his chest

mine. I smelled the sweet aroma of the perfume he smelled on

her blouse. I realized that I didn’t look for him

pay attention to my wife for a very long time. I realized

she was no longer a daughter. There were facial wrinkles and

her hair started to become white! Our marriage has eaten

her beauty. For a minute I thought why

I do this to him.

On the fourth day I developed a feeling of love between us

they returned. This is a woman who offered to live with me

we’ve been living for ten years now. On the fifth and sixth days

it was clear that our will was growing

renewal. I didn’t tell Mary about this. Moderate

As the month neared, I had the pleasure of carrying a wife

my exercise became easier. Probably do

this work every day strengthened me the most.

She was choosing what to wear in the morning. He chose

Several outfits did not fit her. Then he groped,

‘All my clothes are big’. I realized

that my wife is very low, I think yes

for I could easily carry him. Suddenly something

it burned me … my wife is in pain and pain

great in his heart. Without realizing it I touched her

his head. Immediately our son came out and spoke

‘Daddy is the time to carry your mom to work’.

To him, seeing his father carry his mother became a factor

very happy. My wife showed him the signs

our son should stand close and hug him lovingly

chief. I turned my face lest I change my mind

at the last minute. Then I held her in my arms

mine from the closet, living room and then to

the door. His soft hand was around it

my neck in love. I hugged her body;

it was the rendezvous of our wedding day. But quick

his made me suspicious.

The last day I prayed I had trouble even hitting

one step. Our child went to school.

I held him close and told him I did not notice that

our lives lacked love. I went to my office….

I got out of the car even without closing the door. Meaning

I felt too late I could change what I decided….

I climbed the stairs. Mary opened the door and told her,

‘I’m sorry, Mary, I no longer need to divorce my wife’.

He looked at me curiously, then touched his head

mine. He asked me ‘Are you sick?’ I took his hand away

in my head. ‘I’m sorry, Mary, I said I didn’t want to

divorcing my wife. I think my marriage didn’t

happy because I do not appreciate the detail of our lives,

me and my wife, not that we don’t love each other.

I’ve known that since I got married on our wedding day

I had to carry him all the days of our life,

I love my wife I won’t leave her until death

when it separates us. ‘

It was as if Mary awoke from sleep. He stole me a tablet

strong, he leaned on the door and started crying.

I went down the stairs and left. I got on

flower shop I ordered many beautiful flowers for

of my wife. The seller asked me what to write on

card. I smiled and wrote “I’ll carry you all

morning my wife until death separates us ”.

That evening I came home with flowers in my hands,

a big smile on my face and ran to the closet,

I was received by my wife’s dead body in bed.

My wife was also suffering from cancer

for several months and I couldn’t figure out why

I transferred my mind to Mary. He knew that

he was going to die soon and he wanted to keep me out of hatred and

son if I forced a divorce early.

At least in my son’s eyes I seem to be a husband


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