Nice messages to send your partner to love you more

1. My dear friend, the sun is making me sleepy and depriving me of sleep, I do not know if you have a root or it is the love that deprives me of sleep;

2. Although you have sold me I must give you these compliments, I do not know where you learned love, surely you are a prisoner of love! I love you dear, keep me dear!

3. I certainly don’t expect you to miss your love, they want to leave me when I need you, dear. I love you.

4. Dear I know you are away from me, many trials are worth defending, keep my grapes from treating me, make an effort to be patient I will come to treat you, miss u ma luv.

5. Surely I have found a cure, my illness knows how to treat it, I love the way you treat me, you have no rash – it is a procedure, dear you never show your other grapes, the problems that will affect me no one will treat, I love you.

6. I believe you are an expert who knows how to make me feel good, when you feel like you lose consciousness, your sweet words overpower me, you certainly know me.

7. Be proud of you, the baby will know it, your waist, your sweet voice will know exactly how to use it, my husband knows how to push it, if you leave me in the sun, I will not let you kill me!

8. Dear days are approaching, years … you will accomplish in this world, I am proud to find a quiet partner, congratulations to your parents for giving birth to me, my gift from me is the promise of your dear love. Happy Birthday partner.

9. Happy birthday darling, I pray for the host to give you a long life and to avoid illness, congratulations to your parents for giving birth to a boyfriend, I love you.

10. I do not believe what happened, I certainly miss you, but I swear that I will not repeat, the negligence I have done to you, I know how hurt you are because you have betrayed me, I forgive my beloved soul so that it rests without you I have no value in this world!

11. Believe you will be back to your place of residence and tired of work, change your clothes, bathroom come in and get some water to pour, I love you for a shower, very, very busy!

12. Darkness has come into my phone and they hug me like a pigeon and more than a convicted criminal, I do not know where the heat to pay for it and you know winter has arrived, where is my dear?