The National Council for Vocational Education would like to inform the public that qualified fourth and sixth form graduates should apply to join Diploma and Diploma in Teachers training for the 2019/2020 academic year. The deadline for application is 28/11/2019 and Classes are expected to begin 30/11/2019.

Applicants for this course are those who are qualified for Level One to Three exams in Form Four exams (for Diploma – Two Years) and SIX Format (for Diploma-Two Years). Applicants will be required to apply directly to colleges and will be registered through the ‘Instititutional Panel’ of the respective colleges.

Attributes to joining the various Teachers for Teacher Training Colleges are as set out in the AdmissionGuidebook Admission Manual (NACTE) on the website of the National Council for Vocational Education (NACTE) ( Due to the high shortage of Science, Mathematics and Business Science teachers, priority will be given to Diploma (Three years) applicants with a grade ‘C’ in both Science / Language / Business teaching subjects.

In addition, colleges are set to comply with the eligibility criteria for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Issued by

Office of the Executive Secretary

On 20/11/2019