How to make a girl interested and attracted to you before you lead her

You have met such a beautiful girl as a flower, funny, beautiful and calm in everything and no matter what the soul is moving you want her to be, the heart never beats you don’t even know where to begin …! “

Here are some ways to get a girl to like you for the first time …

Reduce the speed as you walk.
Whether you are moving in a direction or in the direction of it already moving, make sure your walk is slow and appear calm and in control, this will make you feel confident and confident is one of the things that a girl experiences, do this while keeping an eye out for her while relaxing and smiling, easy to make be careful with you, but make sure you are standing upright and your shoulders are in balance.

Talk in a positive, organized way.
If you can speak another language speak, or if any differences are a good time to show her, professions or talent have a great impact on a girl and make you look like a genre, you need to incorporate these skills into the conversation so that you don’t touch these things to keep your appearance. weird or arrogant, on the dialog be patient and put those things in a time that feels appropriate.

Speak loudly and confidently.
Not to speak loudly, you must speak in a voice that is heard, be it your natural voice and not be shaken, voice be confident and not be too careful, be quiet and not questionable, be sure to breathe a few times to avoid feeling confident in your voice.

Make sure your mind is on him.
With her make sure she feels like you are the only one in your world, even if there are shattered dishes or the prettiest girl passing by, make sure her eyes are on her, listen to what she has to say and show interest in what she is talking about, making eye contact and making her get used to you quickly.
Play with words.
Your feelings, you can say go with him to get to know him, but this is your time so if you don’t use it, this bird can fly !, be sure to start a debate and use lively words, you can create controversy even with the artists he loves to listen to, this will make you too early and he may find himself completely forgotten if he has met and with the use of controversy it will make him happy and laugh as well as feel good and feel in a familiar environment, and find himself very interested in you.

Take her to a nearby restaurant.
If you want his heart rate to increase and not end up being a surprise, a close up of a meal or roast and snack is a good thing to do, if he prefers a second, it’s good to use it, the second one increases appetite and arousal to make the conversation more palatable. thus causing joy and laughter to be interrupted, preferably ordering a meal you can eat together.

Humiliate yourself with comedy tricks.
Women love to laugh with the occasional trucks, relive the period when you had some funny tragedies in it, the trucks if you grew up on the mainland, the car ran over and dodged dirty water and found you caked a whole body, show it to you without fear, and in despair. and you are satisfied and can talk about anything.