How To Be Sure God Listens To Your Prayers

There are sure prerequisites we should satisfy before God will tune in to our petitions. 

We Must Belong to God. 

“There is one God and one middle person among God and man, the man Christ Jesus” (1Timothy 2:5). Since Jesus is the middle person among us and God, we should give Him our all out devotion. 

Before I yielded an incredible control to Jesus Christ, I would implore, however I was rarely certain if God was tuning in or would reply. After I solicited Him to be the Lord from my life, I had certainty that God was hearing and noting my petitions. 

We Must Pray to God the Father in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ. 

Just the name of Jesus Christ gives us validity with the Father — not our instruction, our riches or destitution, our congregation, our experience or our position — just Jesus Christ. Jesus stated, “In the event that you ask anything in my name, I will do it” (John 14:14). 

Now and then I utilize my significant other’s name, or my congregation, or my work to pick up believability with individuals I meet. In any case, just Jesus’ name gives us believability with the Father. 

We Must have a Clean Heart. 

Hymn 66:18 says, “In the event that I had known about any transgression in my heart, the Lord would not have tuned in to me.” 

It is essential to keep a perfect heart before God. Somebody stated, “I ‘fess them as I does them, I don’t bundle them.” Don’t hold up until you go to chapel or an emergency emerges in your life to admit your transgressions to God. When you become mindful of a frame of mind or activity that is disappointing to God, concede that it isn’t right and express gratitude toward God for His pardoning. 1 John 1:9 reveals to us that in the event that we admit our transgressions, God is dedicated to excuse us and scrub us from all indecency. 

We Must have a Forgiving Spirit. 

In Mark 11:25, Jesus says, “At whatever point you stand asking, excuse, in the event that you have anything against anybody, with the goal that your Father additionally who is in paradise my pardon your offenses.” 

Jesus makes it clear that we can’t convey outrage, contempt, or harshness in our souls toward anybody in the event that we anticipate that God should pardon us as well as hear our supplications. 

We should Pray in Faith. 

Jesus said in Matthew 21:22, “And all that you will ask in supplication, accepting, you will get.” 

The very truth that you are approaching God for your needs exhibits your confidence. 

The appropriate responses come without fail, however not generally in the manner in which we anticipate. There are times when God answers petition when we supplicate. Different occasions we need to hang tight for them to be replied. In some cases is answer is “No”, like every great parent, He gives us what is beneficial for us, yet not what is hurtful to us, yet He generally tunes in and answers. 

by Katherine J Kehler 

On the off chance that you need to be certain God is tuning in to your supplications, consider on the off chance that you have ever asked Jesus Christ into your life, you can do so right presently by submitting to him with a straightforward yet incredible petition. 

“Master Jesus, I need you to tune in and answer my petitions, I need You. Much obliged to You for kicking the bucket on the cross for my transgressions. I open a mind-blowing entryway and get You as my Savior and Lord. Much thanks to You for excusing my transgressions and giving me endless life. Assume responsibility for the royal position of my life. Make me the sort of individual You need me to be.” 

In the event that you asked this petition we couldn’t imagine anything better than to get notification from you . On the off chance that you might want to know God more profound we can interface you with an email coach as well as send you some incredible connections.