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TANZANIA:The Government has issued a directive for the Payment of fees to a Private School

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology would like to issue directives following complaints about the payment of fees and other fees to non-government primary and secondary schools after the Corona disaster opened. The Ministry directs and insists that all students be accepted for continuing education by 29/06/2020.
According to the timetable provided by the Ministry, students are expected to complete the course as directed by their Classroom Summaries. Thus, school fees should be paid according to the agreement reached at the beginning of the academic year. The Ministry continues to emphasize earlier directives that there should be no additions to the fee level.

Parents should also take into account that the fee rate is estimated based on the various costs of running a school, the cost of which was maintained even during the time when schools were closed. These costs include staff salaries, invoices for electricity and water, etc.

In addition, in terms of the payment of food and transport, the Ministry directs the School Committees / Boards to conduct a cost analysis that should be reduced on days when students are not at school. This review will take into account the new timetable issued by the Ministry.

According to the Education Act, Cap. 343 (RE 2002), the operation of the school is regulated by the School Committees / Boards, entities created in accordance with the Act. Thus, school owners are directed to comply with the Sharia and give it the responsibility of the Board / School Committees to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the Act.

Assuming that the Government closes the school while the academic term is in progress, the Ministry directs that all students be RECEIVED and continue their education without any hindrance iii to complete the term.


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