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A woman who appreciates your love Must do this

Woman who appreciates your love Must do this For you
1 ● Woman Changes Her Name
2 ● Woman Moves Home

3 ● Woman Leaving her family

4 ● Woman Goes out with you

5 ● Woman Builds a Home with You

6 ● Woman Carries your pregnancy

7 ● Woman Your pregnancy changes its shape

8 ● Woman Grows Fat

9 ● Woman Suffers from the uterus with severe pain for your baby.

10 ● And when a baby is born waiting for you to give it your name.
Until his death he will do everything for you, cook for you, Clean your house, take care of your parents, raise children, use, advise you, make sure you are resting, build good family relationships, sometimes risking his health, his life for you.
He finds you crying and forgives you.
A Man Who Honors a Woman In Your Life, Cause Being a Woman is not an easy thing.
Make the Woman a happy creature when you grow up with her. The moment of happiness for her is very young.

Honor the Honor of All Women in the World By God Bless you

I am happy to bring you a song that is truly good and I believe you will enjoy your day as a whole and return to your favorite state always believe relaxing is not until you have things to do but it is the only happiness that is found here in the greatest love of daily entertainment.


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