Messages to apologize to your Boy/Girl Friend in relationship

Arguing in romantic relationships is part of the relationship so when it happens that you are in conflict, then you are supposed to send her the following message so she can forgive you:

1. Is this really a dream or dream? I have done all I can to strengthen our love but I end up shedding tears, I have become a tear and tears because of your love, if I am wrong please please be dear, I love you and believe that you alone fulfilled my love dream.

2. What is the wrong I did to you that I should never forgive? Of course I was wrong and I need to be forgiven dear,  please understand that I have no other than you. Love you

3. I confess I really did wrong to you and I apologize for all that has happened.

4. But this is definitely my first time, I believe you will forgive me and give me a chance to love you.

5. You know I love you but you decide to make me back down and then we go along as the will goes.

6. Love is an art if you play it fails, love comes from the heart.

7. True love always lasts, passionate love never fights, my boyfriend today I realized I am wrong and I promise to change and become a new and better partner, forgive me.

8. Dear I thank you when I leave you, I will be blasphemous and you have no lover to be free.

9. Although you have betrayed me I must give you these compliments, I do not know where you learned love, surely you are a prisoner of love! I love you dear, keep me dear!

10. I certainly don’t expect you to miss your love, they want to leave me still I need you, boyfriend know I need your asylum and I am glad to send you up to my parents, believe me to go to another I don’t need. I love you.

11 I do not believe what happened, I certainly miss you, but I swear I will not repeat, the nonsense I have done to you, I know how hurt you are why you have humiliated me, I forgive my soul so that my soul may rest since you have no value in this world!

12. As long as I remember the tears flowing, today my son’s son remembers me for lustful passion, the truth I give to you, now I regret it! Excuse me darling.

13. It is true that I confess in my soul that I have wronged you my dear, please forgive me and give me another place in your dear heart. I love you so much, receive a sweet kiss …. goodbye …

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